Nice A10C campaign


We haven’t had too many user made campaigns for the Hog. So this is nice looking one (The Enemy Within) with plenty to challenge a Hog pilot.

This is a 7-mission, story driven campaign taking place in 2015 in Georgia. A squad of A10s is sent to Kobuleti by NATO in order to help the Georgian government tackle the rising terrorist threat...

Details are here on the ED forum:

This video shows some of the action. Note, the weather is pretty bad in this mission!

iPad virtual cockpit for the A10C

With all the buttons and controls we have to use and remember, we always need a bit of help. The iControl DCS/DCS Virtual Cockpit has been out for awhile but is always being updated. You can get more details here.

There is also the iPad pit which I use and it’s pretty decent. Yes you have to spend some money but it’s not a lot for such great tools.