A-10 Flight sims

Lock On Modern Air Combat (LOMAC)


Official words: “Lock On is a computer flight simulator of modern air combat aircraft. The game models combat in the air, on the ground and at sea. Lock On is a continuation of the flight Flanker 1.x-2.x series. The game allows the player to fly any one of the following seven aircraft: Su-25, Su-27, Su-33, Mig-29A, Mig-29C, F-15C, and A-10A.”

LOMAC looks great and plays pretty well (I only fly the Hog though) but it doesn’t match the detail of Falcon 4. But then it wasn’t designed to. But hell firing that gun is the business!

Falcon 4/Red Viper/FreeFalcon mod

Falcon 4 is 10 years old at this stage but still the daddy of all the combat flight sims. Might not look too pretty but it’s detailed, very, very detailed and the nearest thing to flying the F-16. Over the years, mods have developed and one of those is Red Viper (more on that here) which, in conjunction with the wonderful Aeyes A-10A Superpit you can fly the Hog using the Falcon engine and its wonderful dynamic campaign. FreeFalcon 5 has been released – this is an update on Red Viper.

Digital Combat Simulations: A-10 C Warthog

The developers behind LOMAC and Black Shark are building a new Hog. And not any old Hog either. It’s the A-10C version and already it looks fantastic.  You can view some of the details here (Russian only). One of my previous posts has a translation link. When? Early 2010, I’d say.


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