New joysticks, HOTAS and pedals from Thrustmaster?

Thrustmaster HOTAS, Warthog, A10C, DCS
New HOTAS and pedals from Thrustmaster

Read more speculation here on Reddit. Hat tip to Check Six.


iPad virtual cockpit for the A10C

With all the buttons and controls we have to use and remember, we always need a bit of help. The iControl DCS/DCS Virtual Cockpit has been out for awhile but is always being updated. You can get more details here.

There is also the iPad pit which I use and it’s pretty decent. Yes you have to spend some money but it’s not a lot for such great tools.

Got me an iPad and yes will use it with the A10

Yes, purchased Steve’s fondleslab a while back and what a technological joy it is. I have to say it’s a device I have always been looking for. Yes, honestly. Something to access my stuff with (pics, books, video and more). It does it all. I can see why techies aren’t fond of the Apple ‘ecosystem’ as it locks everything down and limits you to iTunes. But hey, it works and works very well.

And of course we have 3 iPad apps for Warthog, well one is for iPhone for now but is fine on an iPad.

1. iWarthog. Guides, manuals and checklists all at a fingerswipe. And it’s free.

2. iControl DCS. Cockpit on your iPad. Looks wonderful.  Comes in at 30 bucks though

3. iPadpit. Also a fine piece of work. The app itself is free for now but you need another app, TouchIR (€3.99) to make it work.

I will be buying the iPadpit option shortly. But hats off to all the developers for coming up with these.


iPad + DCS A10C = Clicktastic joy

A user on the ED forums has developed a solution for using an iPad as a clickable cockpit in DCS Warthog. Some details here but the video below shows it in all its glory. Great stuff.



Not to be outdone, over on the FreeFalcon forum, someone else has come with something else for FF5 also on the iPad. Two different apps but both on the iPad.