The future of the A10 Warthog

Warthog competition2

There has been a huge amount of discussion about the future role of the A10 in the US Air Force. Basically the USAF wants to retire the Hog and bring in the new, shiny and damn expensive F35.

Over on the Medium site, there are a large number of articles about this and other Hog related stories.  So head along and start reading. Save the Hog!



Is PC Gaming Doomed?

So asks Windows guru Paul Thurrott in a good article here.  My own view is that no it won’t be given the sheer number of PCs available in the world. But it will become a niche area of gaming especially for flight sims, strategy games and games like Armed Assault. It’s very expensive to build a PC only game with little guarantee of a good return on investment. Good developers like Battlefront and Eagle Dynamics known their respective areas of wargaming and flight sims and that’s what they will stick with. It’s the likes of EA who would abandon PCs if there is no return for them. Microsoft hasn’t helped with the closure of it’s flight sim division.