And another beta release for DCS A10C Warthog – No.3

Beta 3 has been released. I wasn’t expecting another beta release. But there you go, what do I know about software development?

And the changes:

* A-10C 3D model and cockpit are updated
* Autopilot bank limit is tuned
* Autopilot engagement/disengagement is tuned
* Hydraulic system is tuned
* ADI bank steering bar is adjusted
* INS FOM indication at IN-FLT alignment mode is fixed
* “If the TGP switch is on before the CICU starts, the TGP remains off until switch is toggled again” issue is fixed
* Animation speeds for Emergency Brake Lever, Air-To-Air Refueling Door Lever, & Intercom Mode Selector switch are adjusted
* EAC switch is made solenoid-held
* DC FUEL PUMP circuit breaker is made working
* HUD test menus are updated
* TGP Laser Code issue is fixed
* PAC mode nose trim problems are solved
* Fix of CDU reset at cold start
* Lamps test is fixed
* RWR ghost threats are fixed
* Incorrect SAS switch behavior is fixed
* “VHF FM radio not working with ramp start” issue is resolved
* External Tank Switches are set by default to on
* Chaff and flare dispersing is tuned
* Keyboard commands are updated
* HAI missile attack profile is tuned
* Hellfire firing is fixed
* HAI maneuvers are tuned
* Wingmen should follow radio commands correctly now
* Wingmen contact messages are fixed
* Multiple “SPIKE” and “MUD SPIKE” messages are removed
* PAI runway attack crash is fixed
* PAI runway attack profile is tuned
* PAI RTB issue is fixed
* PAI sensor issues are fixed
* PAI taxing logic is reworked
* Antiship task is added for A-10C
* ATC control over AI taxi to runway procedures is reworked
* AI taxi collision avoidance logic is reworked
* Patriot LN rotation issue is fixed
* Patriot ECS: detection range is tuned
* Chaparral start/stop tremor is fixed
* Pathfinding logic for ground units is tuned + crash is fixed
* Ground units: model names for destroyed units are corrected
* Avenger can be used in missions now
* Client issue with not detecting Patriot launch is fixed
* Friendly fire issue after changing mission on server is fixed
* Missions are updated, some new missions added
* Payloads are updated
* Mission generator work is fixed
* Runway start lights setup is adjusted
* Kobuletti runway bug is fixed
* Kopintari taxiways are fixed
* Lochini parking issue is fixed
* Level and land bug in Vaziani is fixed
* Fog is tuned
* Nevada terrain is excluded
* Solid smoke after ALT-Tab issue us fixed
* Bug in Elbrus textures is fixed
* Dynamic weather generation is added
* Allied flights and AWACS VO is added
* Crash in liveries is fixed
* Shader compilation is fixed
* Issues in 3D models of troops are fixed
* LODs of 3D models are tuned
* Some other system, weapons, models, terrain, sound etc. issues are fixed.

DCS: A-10C Warthog Beta 03 Patch Available – ED Forums

A full release can’t be far away now. Early December I reckon.


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