Oh my, DCS A10C Warthog is getting close…

A very detailed page on the DCS site outlines some of what we can expect from the Hog sim. And really it’s almost getting too much already!  Here’s an example quote:

A-10C Cockpit

The DCS A-10C cockpit is a 100% six-degrees of freedom (6 DOF) cockpit that allows complete freedom of movement around the cockpit. Each panel is reproduced in exacting detail to match operational A-10Cs (Suite 3.1). This includes all panels, switches, dials, buttons being animated, rendered in the 3D, and with high-resolution textures. Both day, night, and Night Vision Goggle (NVG) lighting is available. When the mouse is hovered over a cockpit control, a tool tip is displayed to indicate the controls function.”

I mean, look at the detail. It’s stunning.  And there’s more info on the weapons systems. Oh enough, just go.


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