Book: Apache by Ed Macy

In 32 minutes during the featured raid mentioned in this book, the British Apache attack helicopters fired off weapons worth £33,149.82. A minute. Just over a million pounds in total in just a half an hour. Ed Macy’s book about life as the pilot of the Apache AH MK1 attack chopper in Afghanistan is a fantastic, edge of the seat read.  He writes very well, telling of life on the front line, the banter and enduring friendships of his buddies and of course the battles.

The Apache is a deadly flying machine. It has two crew and carries a huge amount of weaponry. Mainly the Hellfire missile, canon and rockets. And it is bloody hard to fly and fight in.

If you fly Black Shark or are interested in modern air combat, you must get this book. It’s a terrific read and the best (and only) book around of modern helicopter combat.  Get it on Amazon here: Apache book There’s also a short video interview with the author on the page.


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