Bought Black Shark and wow…

Bought and downloaded Black Shark at the weekend. Took a while as the downloads kept stopping (solutions are here).

The installation took about 10 minutes and was trouble free. Activation
too was simple. So clicked on the start icon and away we went. I’m not
going to go into detail – you can get far better info on that over at SimHQ. My main concern was about my PC and could it handle BS.

I have a 3.4ghz Pentium, 2gb ram and a 6800 GT card and drivers that
are in double figures! Not cutting edge by any means. Nothing
overclocked or tinkered with. Plain vanilla. Graphic settings were at
‘medium’ and initially at 1025 x 768. The game had picked up my X-52
and my Logitech pedals. Opened with an ‘Instant Action’ in Game mode
(arcady like, easy to start shooting!).

The load time was decent, similar to LOMAC. The load is a bit strange
as it goes to desktop before loading. Anyway it opened and well, it
looked great. Smooth as butter. Played a little bit and then exited to
switch to 1280 x 1024 and back in again. Also very smooth. I was very
happy. I have to say the mountains and valley of that game looks

I’ve barely used it. I just wanted to make sure it ran OK and it most
certainly does. It’s a delight when you can install something this
complex and it works perfectly. This is a fantastic sim. I look forward
to trying to fly the ‘Shark’ but man, what will the Hog look like in
about a year’s time? I can’t wait.

Hats off to the developers for this. They learned from LOMAC and have built on it. They’ve done a fine job. Now go buy it.


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