The A-10 in the Fighter Ops sim

Ah yes. Fighter Ops. Here’s a nice shot of the Hog in Fighter Ops sim. Have a look at all the screen shots here.  What is Fighter Ops? To quote the site: “Fighter Ops® is the definitive “Next Generation in Flight Sim Technology” modern day military flight simulation catered explicitly to the requirements of the flight sim community.” You can read the FAQ here.

Now, it looks fantastic and a hell of a lot of hard work has gone into so far over, what 3+ years. But when you look at the detail of everything the developers are trying to do, you’d have to ask is it worth it?  Do we need every building modeled so well? Do we need all those aircraft, vehicles, etc?  See what the combat sim community are saying over on Frugals about it all.  My view? Looks fantastic but surely to make some money for future development is it not better to release it with a small number of aircraft or even one and then add packages to it and update it over time? Still good to see a nice looking Hog in there.


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