Hogs In a “Hot” Peace: The A-10 Since Desert Storm (SimHQ)

We’re raiding the SimHQ archives today. Great reading from that site and always worth a daily visit. Good article which lists the damage inflicted by the Hogs and talks about the role of the A-10 since.

 Recorded Kills:

987 Armored Vehicles

1106 trucks

926 Artillery pieces

501 APCs

249 CPs

51 Scud launchers

11 Frog Missile Launchers

112 Military Structures

96 Radar installations

72 Bunkers

10 Enemy aircraft (on ground)

2 Helicopters

9 SAM Sites

8 Fuel Tanks

 Aye, two choppers! The Hog was one of the very few to bag itself some A2A kills in the Gulf War. Most of the fighter jocks couldn’t manage that!

 Source: SimHQ


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