How to fly the A-10 in Falcon 4

I’ve started to fly the Hog in Falcon 4. And it’s terrific. Yes, F4 is a the F-16 only sim but thanks to a fantastic modding community and Aeyes Cockpits, you can fly many planes. I fly with the Red Viper (RV) version of F4.

1. Install original version of F4 from the CD.

2. Download the Red Viper mod – only available on BitTorrent. See the FreeFalcon web site for more details. There’s also a patch for RV. And a huge manual. How to install it and a few links can be found here.

3. Install RV over the original. The patch RV.

4. Get Aeyes beautiful A-10 cockpits. I bought the 1600 x 1200 Superpit. He also has freeware versions.

5. Install them.

6. Create your own Tactical Engagements using the A-10 and away you go. Or open the campaign and select the squad with the Hog. I’ll be posting some TE’s for the A-10 here soon.

7. Go fly, go bomb!


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