How to land an A-10 on a barge

Microsoft’s Flight Simulator is a beast. No doubting the level of detail, addons and fans for it. Never played it because I just like blowing things up and FS(X) just doesn’t do it for me. Still they can try and one addon developer did that with Mission Combat Force an addon for FSX featuring the Hog. Here’s where you can buy it (and view the somewhat strange missions – ‘Lakenheath UFO Incident’ anyone?). has a review. Here’s a quote: “It comes off as a slapped together hobbiest add-on from some semi-talented enthusiasts, not a dedicated team of professionals.” Mmm. Not a 10/10 then.

FS 2004 also has a Hog addon which looks pretty decent. A review and comments here plus the developer’s shop (Aerosoft) is here. Seems to have been popular. Almost make me want to get FS2004. Almost….


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